Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Effortlessly Clean Your Car’s Interior with the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

It is hard to find a vacuum-cleaner capable of fulfilling all the needs of your automobile’s interior. Manmachine Works is aware of this fact and manufactured different types of vacuum cleaners for the users. The ARES 37/1 car vacuum cleaner with single-stage motor is ideal for personal purposes. On the other hand, the EXCEL M–77/2 with double-stage motors is suitable for both personal and commercial purposes. Hence, Manmachine Works gives you the opportunity of making a selection based on your necessities and priorities.

Wet/Dry Features
The ARES 37/1 and EXCEL M–77/2 both have won the title of best car vacuum cleaner due to their utilitarian features. You may use these machines to clean dry and wet litters with equal efficiency. If you have children, then your cars can become easily dirty with wet litters. The dry-vacuuming features of a vacuum-cleaner cannot lift the wet litters off the floor.
·         This vacuum cleaning machines ship with a unique Crevice Car-Wash tool. You may use this device to lift the wet litters or to clean the car’s floor with water.
·         The blunt edge of this durable cleaning apparatus is also suitable for car-seats or floor-mats.
·         The sponge filter fitted inside these vacuum cleaning machines prevents spillage of dirty water.

Flexible Hose & Crevice Tool
If you need to lift the dry dirt particles off the floor, then Manmachine has the ideal tool for you. The length of the crevice tool’s mouth allows you to clean a large area at single stroke. This sleek cleaning device can reach the corners of a car’s interior without any difficulty. The corrugated flexible hose attaches the ‘Crevice’ cleaning tools to the vacuum cleaning machine. The vacuum-cleaning becomes an effortless task due to the presence of this hose.

Dusting Brush
The company is also attentive to the care of the operating buttons present inside the cars. A hard device may damage these sensitive components; therefore, these vacuum cleaners come with a dusting brush. The soft and rounded bristles of this attachment can clean the buttons and lift the dirt particles off the grooves without any damage. Hence, the cleaning of your cars becomes an effortless task with a car vacuum cleaner from Manmachine Works.


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