Monday, 7 November 2016

Add Growth to Car Cleaning Business with Automatic Car Wash System

The availabilities of advance car cleaning products and automated washing systems have let this organization earn an envious reputation in the world of automobile cleaning. The automatic car washing system of Manmachine Works will help you run a well-organized cleaning center. These machines differ in designing, features, and performance capacities.

The Beneficial Assistance of Manmachine
·         The manual washing process will require you to purchase numerous cleaning and polishing appliances and compounds.
·         You will be required to hire many trained individuals and deal with troublesome issues related to workers.
·         A larger cleaning bay will be mandatory.
·         The manual cleaning will require longer working hours.
·         It will also require significant amount of water and cleaning agents.
An automatic car wash system may seem costly at first glance.
The presence of fewer professionals will cost you lesser than usual.
The requirement of resources will also lessen.
You will be able to provide faster assistance to your customers.
The aforementioned factors will gift you with a profitable return collectively.

The M'START Machine
It is the perfect cleaning equipment for the novice entrepreneurs associated with washing of the cars. This machine has a horizontal drying and washing panel with two vertical washing panels.
·         An automobile passing through this machine will first get sprayed with cleaning foam.
·         This foam-covered automobile will be brushed with three gigantic brushes (one horizontal and two vertical).
·         The entire cleaning machine moves back and forth and the vertical brushes perform the cleanup of the both sides.
·         The horizontal brush moves up and down and cleans the windshield, the top, the front and the back of the car.
·         The wheels and alloyed accessories are also cleaned through jet streams.
·         The mixture of wax-based polish is sprayed all over the car in adequate amount. The brushes perform polishing to add dazzles to the car.
·         The mounted drying panel starts drying the entire automobile through vacuuming nozzles. The thorough scanning ensures equal drying of all the areas.
The MNEX22
This car wash machine stands for the maximum efficiency. This cleaning device has two vertical brushes and one horizontal brush. The nozzle-fitted shampoo and wax circuits ensure better cleaning and polishing.
·         It is fitted with rollover technology. The entire machine moves back and forth in order to wash, clean and dry the cars properly.
·         The electronic circuits will allow the customers to avail self-service.
·         The hydraulic circuit has been designed to work with two different types of water simultaneously.
·         The nozzles attached to the vertical and horizontal columns spray the foamy mixture of cleaning agents all over the car (from top to bottom).
·         The pneumatic pump controls the pressure of the nozzles.
·         The rolling vertical brushes moves back and forth in order to clean the both sides of the car. The brushes tilt at 10-degree angles for enhanced clean-up.
·         The rolling horizontal brush moves up and down and cleans the front, back, and top of the car.
·         The rotating high-pressured jets of water clean the wheels and its rims.
·         The vertical and horizontal brushes perform polishing after the sprayed application of shining wax.
·         The improved designing of the drying nozzles set on the vertical and horizontal columns provides optimum drying.

These machines will allow you to bid adieu to the primitive manual cleaning. You will be able to clean 400 to 1200 vehicles per month with the help of these automated machines.


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