Thursday, 18 January 2018

Clean and Wax the Cars Together with Most Advance Car Washer Machine

Manmachine Works makes it easier for the hardworking businesspersons to own car-cleaning centers. You do not need a sprawling area to start a cleaning business. You can perform this task on a moderately wide compound with the Manmachine’s ingenious car washer machines. The company’s equipment even enables you to wash the cars with little amount of water. The proprietary products of this brand even allow you to finish the task of washing and waxing within a few minutes. Hence, you can wash more cars with greater efficiency and watch the profit margin to increase at the leaping pace with Manmachine’s SteamJet.

Durable Body
The body of SteamJet car washer machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. Some exterior and interior components are made of ABS. These waterproof materials ensure excellent durability of SteamJet without any wearing of the exterior or interior components.

User-Friendly Features
SteamJet from Manmachine Works allows you to wash and wax the cars at the same time. This machine dispenses jets of steam to clean the cars and aerosol mists of wax to coat their bodies. It has separate buttons for steam-generation, wax-creation, pressure-control and release of steam/wax. Anybody can operate the user-friendly buttons of this car washer cleaning machine.
You need only 400-cc of water to clean and wax a car using this exclusive machine. This machine can create 6-8 bars of pressure with the steam-temperature rising from 80-90 degree Celsius within minutes. It performs these tasks with moderate quantity of water requiring nominal electricity. Hence, Manmachine Works not only increases your profit. It also reduces your total operational expense with innovative and energy-efficient cleaning machines.

Automatic Control
The Manmachine Works is unquestionably the best car washer machine company in India. It allows anybody to become an expert cleaner using the SteamJet. The automatic control unit of the SteamJet has a microprocessor that controls this device and its entire functions. It keeps the level of heat, moisture and pressure adequate and prevents the steam from causing any damage. You need not check the meters while cleaning the cars. This machine is even engineered to automatically mix and dispense the wax. Hence, you can concentrate on cleaning/waxing and enjoy a growing clientele with an improved level of efficiency.

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