Monday, 6 March 2017

What Should You Know About Car Wash Equipment

When you drive on a regular basis, the muddy roads and the elements take their toll. From time to time, you need to give the car a holistic treatment only possible in a professional setup.

Car cleaning services use car wash equipment to remove the dirt and grime from your car’s exterior body and the interiors as well. Nowadays, technology enhancement has decreased the time to service while increasing efficiency. Thus, do not waste time in washing the car yourself; rather leave it to the professionals, as they will do it easily, affordably, and to your full satisfaction.

Equipment for cleaning the internal and external parts differs. What works on the outside may not do in the interiors. So, let us learn more about them.

External Cleaning Equipment :

High pressure car washer equipment is commonly used for cleaning the car’s external body surface. It easily removes the dust and grime sticking to the wheels, underbody, sideways, and doors of the car. At high pressure, water quickly and easily dislodges even the most stubborn mud stuck to the body.

The professionals manipulate the level of the water pressure according to the part they are cleaning. Pressure setting generally depends on the vehicle’s size and the level of the dirt sticking to the surface. Low flow wash is ideal for the small cars and for the bigger automobiles, only high stream of water will remove the grime.

Equipment for Cleaning Internal Surfaces :

The steam cleaner is the commonly used equipment for cleaning the interiors surface at car washer station. It ensures damage free removal of dirt and stains. Stale body odor, particles of food crumbs, and a variety of waste material make the environment inside unhygienic. Thorough cleaning is the only way to restore the situation to normal. Overtime accumulation of dust and stains will make the condition difficult. Normal cleaning will not be able to give you the desired results. Steam cleaning is a gentle way to remove the toughest stains and kill bacteria. Compared to pressure washers, here the procedure is quite different.

You can clean all the vehicle parts using steam. This includes the handles of the doors, the windshield, dashboard, upholstery, and the carpets. There will be no damage to the delicate materials of the seat and its cover. The professionals use premium equipment to give you the best possible results. It is able to kill all types of microorganisms, fungus, and allergens present inside. This car wash equipment will turn the interiors fresh and hygienic for your whole family to travel.

Unless you have deep knowledge of the equipment, it is impossible to get professional like results through DIY treatment. Steam equipment do not use high-pressure and ideal for cleaning stains from engine greases. It uses a combination of brushes and dry steam to turn on its magic. You will be amazed with the results.

When was the last time you took your vehicle for a wash? 


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