Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Enjoy the Excellence of Best Car Washer with Promising Profitable Returns

I was in search of an efficient car washer for my car-cleaning business when I heard about Manmachine Works. I visited their office to learn about these semi-automatic washers. This powerful machine amazed me with its cleaning apparatus and utilitarian features. The company has two different car washers capable of cleaning 20-40 cars per day. The HRC-PRO seemed ideal for my medium sized business. This car-washing machine increased my employees’ productivity since the first day of its use.

Amazing Pump
The powerful proprietary pump inside HRC-PRO has helped it become the world’s best car washer. The HRK-PRO is another high-pressure washing machine from Manmachine, and it also has this powerful pump.
·      This powerful pump stays cool after hours of cleaning with its deep-fins ensuring better cooling. These fins are located on top of the pump and along the backside.
·         This pump requires no exclusive maintenance due to low-friction alloy material used during the construction of inner components. The piston also lasts for years due to the use of thicker ceramic material.
·        The larger water-passage of intake delivery valves can deliver forceful showers of water. On the other hand, the larger ground-pistons ensure smooth strokes. The combination of these features can distribute the force of water equally over the surface. Hence, it is possible to clean the cars faster without any damage to their surface paints.

Extended Lance, Hosepipe & Gun System
The 10-mitre long hosepipe and the extended lance system have made it easier for my employees to clean the cars’ roofs. Manmachine Works gave me a curved lance with this car washing machine to efficiently clean under the chassis. This utilitarian device has eliminated the need for hydraulic car-lifting devices and let my employees clean the cars without any damage.
The gun-system is another utilitarian device available with HRC-PRO and HRK-PRO car washers. The gentle sprays of water coming out of this cleaning apparatus are ideal for any part of an automobile. It brings precision into your spraying technique and gives you more control.
The functional features of HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO car washer can increase the productivity of any car-cleaning business. Your one-time investment during the purchase guarantees profitable returns for years.


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