Thursday, 19 November 2015

Finding The Right Automatic Car Wash System

Cars are no longer considered a luxury in India, and therefore is witnessing a rapid growth in their sales and manufacturing. Since the number of cars plying on roads has boomed in the recent decade, the car washing companies are rapidly emerging too. While cars can be easily washed at home, only an automatic car wash machine can clean it completely, right from the body exteriors to the interiors. Subsequently, it is important to choose a suitable automatic car wash system for your vehicle. Innovative car washer are being developed, the major three that are used today, worldwide; include:  Rollover Car Wash System, Drive Through Car Wash System, and Conveyorized Tunnel System.

Each of these systems use a simple friction method that involves soft cotton cloth and cell foam wash material. The prices and the process of each car washing system is what sets them apart from each other.

1.      Rollover or Bay-in Car Wash System
This is the most common type of car wash system used in popular car washing franchises, today. The gantry is what passes over the car while the car remains fixed at its place. The process thoroughly cleans the car and the body paint remains intact; making it one of the best processes for washing cars.

An average car is cleaned in just 4 minutes, if no extra services are required. With added services, the time to clean a car increases to 6 minutes. To set up a car wash company with this system, $33,000 need to be invested. But, if other added services are also on the cards, like the air dryer and ancilliary equipments, then the cost will go up to $95,000.

2.      Drive Through Car Wash System
As the name suggests, in this type of car wash facility, the car moves slowly and it is fixed in a single position. The different car wash equipments help in the thorough cleaning of the car interiors and exteriors. However, this car wash system is not available for the general public and used by car rental facilities or shops that clean and repair cars on a daily basis.

A drive through car wash system can easily clean up 55 cars in an hour. Approximately, $27,000 needs to be invested in setting up the drive through car wash system without the added services. With the services, the cost goes up to $65,000.

3.      Conveyorized Tunnel System
This is the best car wash system if the franchise wants to give extra services but without compromising the time. In the conveyor car wash system, the amount of time taken to clean a car depends on the length of the conveyor belt which can be between 35 feet to 200 feet.

The car is pulled back and forth on the conveyor through the washing equipments. It is seen in the public car cleaning places and the approximate cost of setting this type of car wash system can be between $78,000 to $400,000.

Depending on your vehicle type and its cleaning requirement, you can opt the ideal solution from any of these methods.


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