Monday, 10 December 2018

The perfect car cleaning equipment for your car washing business - we provide it!

Cars:  they give people instant mobility and represent freedom in society.  Another popular name for the car is the ‘mechanical horse.’  Since the car is a mobile machine, it will tarnish and get dirty.  It is in these instances that people need to wash and clean their cars - many turn to car washes to do this.  However, car washes are only as efficient as their car wash equipment is.  Man Machine Works is set to transform your car washing business in much the same way it did the car washing industry - with superior cleaning equipment.  The power and magic of this car wash equipment is described below.

The advanced car washer system:

ManMachine Works uses the latest in technology and the most innovative concepts in car washing and cleaning to manufacture and provide equipment which is capable of making any car washing staff more productive and efficient in their work.  For example, workers in a car wash can use the advanced car washer systems which Man Machine Works sells to wash all of the dirt, grime, and spots from any car effortlessly and within minutes, all while maintaining the integrity of the car’s surface.  The jets contained in these car washer systems are excellent tools for cleaning out the inside of the car’s engine - the jets easily and efficiently melt engine grease away like butter. 

The car washers Man Machine Works manufactures are very efficient in terms of cleaning cars because they use high pressured jets of water to do their work - any dirt, grease, or grime melts away from the car’s surface like butter without damaging it.  These machines are semi-automatic.  The first machine can clean between 20-25 cars per day, and the second machine can clean between 35-40 cars per day.  These machines can make any car wash extremely efficient because they use a nozzle which projects water at a 25 degree angle, thus creating a fan of water with a wide range and reach allowing it to reach and clean all parts of any car at once!

The magical car vacuum cleaner:

Man Machine Works manufactures and sells three different types of car vacuum cleaners.  The most effective and efficient one is the ARES 37 / 1.  It is a single motor vacuum cleaner which is capable of cleaning the inside of any car, including its carpets and upholstery within minutes.  It comes with many standard accessories, including the flexible hose which makes it easy to clean those hard to reach corners in any car.  It has a sponge filter which is capable of removing any liquids, and liquid residue making the car look brand new.  

The products mentioned above are just a two of the many products manufactured and sold by Man Machine Works.  Man Machine Works makes and sells state-of-the art products which use the latest in car washing technology to make any car washing team very efficient, and to clean a large volume of cars with ease, precision, and quickness every day!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Get the best car washer to enhance your business services!!!

If your car washer company is facing the problems then it is time to enhance your services with the help of best car wash equipment. If you are getting regular customer complaints because of various reasons then it is the time to upgrade your car washing services with the help of best car washer equipment.

How best car washer equipment can profit to your business?

The Reputation if any car cleaning business completely depends upon the efficiency and skills of the workers. Now you don't have to find out skilled workers for your car washer company because our provided car washing system can improve the efficiency of workers such that you will not receive any customer complaints.

This will help you to do the task at a faster speed such that you can clean 35 to 40 cars per day with the help of one car washer equipment. Our car washer used high-pressure Jets of water and a large fan of water to clean your cars efficiently as well as at a faster rate.

Now the time has gone when people were complaining about your car washing services because you have the most upgraded car washer equipment at your business which will attract people from far away to get your services. The pressure Jet of water is enough to clean all the dirt at the body of the car. However, it is really very gentle on the cars outer surface.

The motive of the company is to solve the problems which are facing in the cleaning industry. You don't have to worry about the quality of the products you are buying from the company because the company has emerged as one of the Global brands with the latest technology.

In this fast-paced world, everyone wants to get fast services in every field that is why the company has come up with the best car washer equipment that will help your business to provide the services at a faster rate as well as efficiently.

This doesn't only help you to give better services to our customers as well as you don't have to hire many skilled workers for the car cleaning services because the task of car cleaning will be done by the machine itself as well as at the faster rate than manual. Now your company can wash 35 to 40 numbers of cars in a day just with one worker.

If you are worried about the power consumption of the machine then let me tell you that it will not consume as much as power as you are thinking about. Not only that it will not waste water power as well as wash space. There is no skill required to run the machine so you can also hire unskilled labor for your task.

Now the time has changed and it is time to receive the compliments from your customers for your great services and get ready to give a new Class to your business by upgrading your services with the help of car wash equipment solutions.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Car Wash Product and Professional Cleaning Machine

Pushed toward getting to be condition discerning and secure the auto resale regard by choosing touchless auto washer procedures. Open at customized washes, it is a not too bad strategy to diminish the defilement of groundwater, secure the entire and paint of your auto, and extra water when all is said in done. Finally, you will retrain the vehicle resale regard completely. There are different biological clarifications for the usage of touchless Car Washer Gun . When you endeavor the proportionate at home, you will use around 150 gallons of water. On the other hand, when you are choosing customized, brushless wash system, it incorporates the use of only 35 gallons of water. 

The chemical and the chemical that you use for washing the vehicles, including the grunge tumbling off from the vehicle's surface will sink into the ground tainting the area water supply. On the other hand, the master washing organizations will recoup the water they use for washing purposes. They will use a comparative water following treatment and cleaning for the subsequent washes. Other than that, the whole strategy is significantly faster than the time taken at home for washing your auto. This is by virtue of they use vanguard Car Wash Equipment that is incredible on the earth anyway sensitive on the vehicle.

You would favor not to put scratches on the paint surface of your auto even inadvertently. Sadly, this is the thing that will happen when you handle the washing without any other individual. The things that you use for cleaning, for instance, the brushes and wipes will make humble yet unbalanced scratches upon the paint. Fine buildup, sand, and earth particles will twist up got inside the wipe or the brush. It is difficult to power over this kind of issues. Thusly, when you handle the wash at home you are finally corrupting the paint wrap up.

Studies exhibit that the scratches you make through use of wipes and brushes in the midst of the washes go up to 10% of paint thickness. Or maybe, while using high weight car washer for specialists cleaning, it ousts the dirt and gives your auto showroom like appearance without doing any damage to the paint surfaces.