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Car Wash Equipment: Make Your Car Cleaning an Easy Task

Car Wash Equipment
Car Wash Equipment
Car washing can be a painstaking job if you try to do it yourself manually. With evolution in need of the people, there is always a scope of growth in terms of technology evolution. The best part is with the advent of revolution in technological needs, the evolution of automatic car cleaners has turned up in the current scenario. Car wash equipment is properly equipped with amazing features which makes cleaning task easy and hassle-free. Every machine is designed, manufactured as per the needs of car washing and demand of the car owners. Before the machines are introduced in the market, they undergo strict quality check so as to give high quality equipment for car cleaning for smoother operation.

Updated Car Wash Equipment:

You must have heard from the crowd about the Manmachine Works, which is a known company for car wash equipment in India. With path-breaking strategies for providing car cleaning solutions and updated car wash equipment, the company has developed a new culture of auto washing in the Indian market. This company has developed an amazing car washing culture in Indian Auto cleaning industry. Many people in India especially Delhi NCR, know Manmachine Works for its efforts that it invests in providing a quality solution for car washing. 

No wonder, car washing has turned into a meticulous job after the introduction of many latest car wash equipment’s. Gone are the days when complete day wash given to car wash and manual labour was another headache. Both the factor played a beneficial role in the high pricing of the car wash. Now it is a renaissance of the latest and innovative technology, so enjoy a new way of car cleaning and understand new coming technology.

Performance of Automatic car washing machine and car vacuum:

Automatic car wash
Automatic Car Wash
These car wash machines promise to give maximum efficiency, durability and water pressure which can clean the car inside and out thoroughly. The car vacuum cleaner provided by Manmachine works renders flexible movement in every angle with low noise creation. This low noise creation causes zero disturbance to surround which is the best part of the vacuum cleaner.  

An automatic car wash will lessen your car washing task:

Automatic car wash, just by name it is clear that no manual power is required. Such kind of car wash is capable enough for cleaning luxury cars, buses or medium size and trucks. The best thing about automatic car wash is there is no need for brush changing so minimal maintenance required. You don’t have to take tension of regular interval maintenance. Apart from this, it gives simple operational features that anyone can be easily trained to use it for car cleaning purpose. The automatic car wash machine functions on its own once you switch it on. Still, a machine is a machine and you cannot completely rely on it. There is always a unit who take care of car washing when the car gets into the machine.

Rewind to the days of decades back and place yourself in that period. Could you imagine a car washing process with your effort and wetting your hand? I hope like me your answer will be even a big NO. return back to the 21st century, and it is the time period when everything is possible and car care is quite easy. Using automatic car wash equipment will help you in saving labour cost along with assuring quality cleaning.

You can relax in your car wash session while the automatic car wash machine will handle your car cleaning stuff. Talking of various car wash equipment and an automatic system, Manmachine works is worth mentioning since it is a brand for this industry. One of the reasons to choose Manmachine works is that it provides flawless washing using branded and quality car cleaning equipment. Every car owner is assured of the best washing experience with high-quality product, efficient equipment, and trained employees. Indeed, car washing is a simple task now if you have the money for splurging.

Car wash made easy with innovative cleaning engineering:

Car Wash
Car Wash
Cars are an inseparable possession in every car owner’s life as they render amazing service beyond words. Car cleaning and detailing is an important factor that needs to be done for the long life of the car. car washing is a process that not only ensures clean look but even add-on life to vehicles. Manufacturing of many new car washing technologies has brought many changes in traditional and modern cleaning method. Manmachine works, the company holding all kind of expertise in car cleaning industry along with holding expertise in providing car washing equipment. Not just vacuum cleaner and automatic car wash, much other equipment like high-pressure car washer, car wash gun and nozzles, rotating boom and steam jet are the areas of expertise.


Advancement in car cleaning industry helps you in caring for your car better. With excellent and handy car cleaning equipment, you can always expect cleaning every time you take your car to wash outlets. Irrespective of your cleaning needs and budget, Manmachine Works provide car wash equipment for all your demands. All the equipment is handy and can be used in a small space even. If you have your own need for car wash equipment then contact us on 9313357889. 

If you have your own suggestion to better the car wash experience then feel free to suggest us in the comment section. We welcome every idea to better our service.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Explore Hand Car wash and Automatic Car wash with Us

Want to know about washing methods prevailing in Indian Market, this Manmachine works blog will help you.

Hand Car Wash or Automatic Car Wash, which is better?

Manmachine Car washer
Car Wash Types
We know that every car owner has their own level of inclination towards their asset and they want to maintain it bright forever. When you are thinking to care and pamper your car regarding its appearance improvement, extending car’s life expectancy or maintaining the resale value, you should wash your car regularly. If your purpose of car maintenance is more than just cleaning then you often get confused which option of car wash to go for. In present scenario, every lane has a car wash outlet so should we trust the service provided by them, is the first question. Is it good to wash the car manually by hand or drive-through will work better? To get the answer to all your queries regarding car washes, here’s an in-depth detail on automated car wash and hand car wash.

Hand Car Washes in Delhi NCR:

Let’s say you are thinking of getting high-quality and detail-oriented car cleaning but due to lack of time and car wash equipment, you cannot do it on your own. So, in this condition, Manmachine Works recommends you to choose a profession car washer company who provide all car washing related services. You can get your car treated best while cleaning as the experts properly clean your car manually with the help of certain professional car washing machines.
Hand Car Wash
Hand car wash services even provide many complimentary services with car washes including interior car cleaning. You might be thinking that why to go outlets to get hand car wash as that can be conducted at home, so let me clear you that professional touch is always better than what we do our self. They provide many add-on services, they use many high-quality car wash equipment for cleaning like a car pressure washer, car vacuum cleaner and other. So, going for the professional option is good as it will help you in saving effort, time and ensures quality cleaning. One thing to be specific about when selecting the hand car washing; ensure that the service used is proper and installed by professionals.

PROs and CONs of Hand Car Wash:

    The thorough outcome with high-quality.
    There exists the possibility of getting car interior cleaning together.
    This is an expensive car washing option.
    Bit time-consuming
    Can be bit tricky so extra care needs to be maintained.

Steps of Hand Car Wash:

If you have taken your car to professionals for washing, they work on various steps and accordingly select car wash equipment if required. Below described steps provided by Manmachine Works are a complete process of hand car wash if you try to do yourself.
    Place the car in a shaded area to avoid direct sunlight exposure. This step is initial yet most important one as it helps you to prevent premature drying that can mark splotches over the paint.
    Place everything near the car.
    Fill the bucket with water and add mild shampoo in the quality measurement mentioned over the bottle.
    Another bucket is taken with clean water.
    Check if all the windows are closed and further retract the antenna.
    Further, hose off the car for loosening the dirt for removal. Avoid using strong jets, in place you can use high pressure to remove grimes and dirt. Avoiding strong jets are asked to avoid any scratch marks over the car surface. Try to aim the pressure washer downward when cleaning the areas near the window. Upward placement may cause water to enter into the car if there exist any flaws in rubber seal.
    Drag the wipers away from the windshield till they tap into their defined position away from the glass shield.
    Soak the sponge or wash mitt in foamy water for washing off the dirt and grimes from the car surface. Start applying with soft hands in the pendulum movement. Don’t use the brush over the car body for removing dirt from the surface. The brush can leave marks over the car body.
    Wash the car in segments, initiate the process from the top. A workaround in a circle several times and covering car lower body parts in every round.
    After every round of washing, don’t forget to wash the wash mitt in clean water before proceeding to the next round.
    Once you are done with washing one segment, using car washer gun rinse it properly before heading to the next segment for cleaning. This instant rinsing is important to avoid the formation of soap layer on the car surface.
    As you move ahead, keep the complete car wet for avoiding droplets drying over the surface to ultimately avoid water spots. Use microfiber towels to dry your car.
    Once you are done with upper body cleaning, move to wheel washing as it is the filthiest of all. For cleaning the wheels try to have different mitt so as to avoid scratch over the car body surface.
    Use the long and skinny wheel brush for cleaning interior and smaller section of car wheels. If the wheels are glossy, then use a sponge to clean.
    Using a plastic brush and car pressure washer to clean the sidewalls of the tire.
    At some point in time, you can clean the bottom part with a pressure washer from different angles to get ultimate cleaning. this pressure wash is important when you know your car has exposure to road salt.
    Again, dry the complete car using a clean towel.
    Once you are down with cleaning, then you need to give a touch up so as to maintain the shine of the car. 

Automatic car wash
Automatic Car Wash Machine
It is quickest of all car wash methods and even preferred by a large segment of the population. When compared to other types of car washes, it is cheapest. Lots of wash stations provide this type of car wash defining the inclination of people towards tech-friendly cleaning.
For availing this kind of car wash you need to place your car to neutral and is pulled through the conveyor while hoses, brushes and blow dryers washes the car. However, despite giving many conveniences, this automatic car wash has its own drawback and that is car paint is at high risk.
Drive-through car washes use certain brushes with hard bristles that are prone to leave scratches and marks over the car paint. These minor scratches collect dust and dirt that ends up in hampering your car look. This is not a big deal, but an alarming phase is when you get deep scratches that result in car part corrosion.

PROs and CONs of Automatic Car wash:

    Very fast
    Doesn’t offer thorough cleaning
    Can cause damage to car paint
    Drying is a bit difficult

Steps of Automatic Car Wash:

    Drive in the cleaning room slowly, so that the car gets properly cleaned through under the spray.
    Once you reach near about to canter, the active sensor get flag you for stopping the vehicle and place it park mode. At this point in time, the entrance door shuts until the process is done.
    The car gets pre-soaked in water, shampooed and then thoroughly washed off. The multiple steps will be restricted to the type of package availed.
    Once done with rinsing and washing is done, the monitor will ask to shift car bit ahead towards the exit.
    There is the drier present at the top and both sides to dry your car.


This blog of Manmachine Works describes both process in-depth which will be beneficial for you to understand them better. Once done with the knowledge part, you will be confident enough to easily search car washes near you. Before visiting any outlet always research properly including its professional services, quality of work done and what car wash equipment are used. Always prefer to visit them who are using the latest and advance car washer equipment because they are the one having a better idea about what service your car is looking for. More details on car wash and associated car wash equipment, visit

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High Pressure Car Washer Pumps India

Car Wash Using High Pressure Car Washer

Thinking about cleaning any stuff is never easy and when it comes to washing your car, it's a complex task. No matter you prefer cleaning your car on your own or hiring a professional, both demands for enough effort, time, products and cost. Any moving vehicles attract dirt easily as it catches mud, grit particles, grease and grimes. You can lessen your car cleaning labour by simply choosing a high pressure car washer which is the best and most effective way of cleaning your car with the assured result. 

high pressure car washer
High Pressure Car Washer
These car washing machines are healthy to environmental usage as they use a small amount of water than a hosepipe. It is a fact that cleaning the vehicle can become easy using a pressure washer but you need to select correct brand equipment and should follow the correct method of cleaning as mentioned in the instruction manual. Otherwise, a bit of mistake can lead to car damage in place of cleaning.



Features to look at before buying a high pressure car washer:

This auto cleaning business is increasing and the market comprises of different types of pressure washer depending on price and features. You need to be very particular about features and technical specifications of the washer before investing in it. Here, in this blog you will come across certain must-have featured in an advanced high pressure car washer pump so as to bring ease in the car cleaning method. 

    Ensure that the car washer equipment you are going to purchase possess variable settings for jet nozzles. This setting feature will help you in cleaning the different car parts easily along with maintaining safety without causing any types of damage to you and your car.

    Always remember to consider a long hose pressure washer. This helps in reducing your work and effort a bit. Using a long hose washer, you don’t need to move around the car with equipment for complete cleaning.

    Even look if the machine has in-built wheels. You might be thinking why wheels then answer is it brings ease in carrying the machine. A machine with wheels is easy to move around without abrasion over floor and machine. You can easily get a good quality car pressure washer at the doorstep of Manmachine Works. 

pressure car washer
High Pressure Car Washer Pump
    Try to avail a pressure washer which comes with the feature of attachable foam bottle. You might be thinking what the benefit of attachable foam bottle to washer is then you should be sure that it brings ease in using bottles than carrying an add-on container.

    While getting a car pressure washer, you need to check the latest model along with the nozzle attachment. If you are avoiding research work then you can directly contact the technical professionals of Manmachine Works, they will help you out with best possible solutions. This nozzle helps you in changing the spray direction as per your need and car placement. For instance, you can change the angle of the nozzle upwards for getting a thorough cleaning of car wheels and arches.

Methods to follow while using a car wash equipment:

Using pressure washer for the car wash is way different from other types of car washing like hand washing using a low-pressure hosepipe. This is the reason why this blog from Manmachine Works presents you methods that you need to follow while cleaning your car. 

Foam Bottle
Car Wash With Foam Bottle
• Initially, rinse off the upper layer of dirt and grimes. While seeing for the pressure washer, you should opt the one having the adjustable jet spray. Further place the nozzle to the spray of the width of 2-3 inches. It needs to be adjusted in a way that it needs that it removes all the dirt without causing any damage to car paint. The technical professionals always guide to perform cleaning task from inches far so as to prevent car paint from any hamper. 

While cleaning the windows, lights and other fragile parts of the car, always use the less powerful and bit wider settings. 

• If you are looking for soaps especially for pressure washer then don’t worry, there are companies in the market that easily provides mild car wash shampoo for your pressure washer. Apply this mild soap and foam cleaner and then coat the complete car with a cleaner layer. While performing this, place the nozzle of pressure washer in the least power mode and that can be done by widening the nozzle. Let cleaner sit over the car for few moments as it will help you in loosening the dirt from car surface. ensure that detergent doesn’t get dried over the surface as it may lead to blemishes over the painted surface.

• There should be an attachable car brush that can help you in loosening the stubborn grease and dirt. Use a brush to clean the corner parts of the car like wheels, paintwork, and arches. Manmachine Works engineers always recommend cleaning the wheels part at the end as the brush can catch maximum dirt from wheels. If these dirt particles remain stuck in brush it will surely affect the paintwork when you rub it against the surface. 

• When rinsing the car, place the nozzle spray at high-pressure jet setting. Glasses are always prone to harm if pressure is hard so be careful while cleaning
high pressure car washer hrk pro
Car Wash Note

Take a Note:

Avoid using an extremely pointed nozzle attachment as this may turn extra powerful over soft and delicate parts of the car and even the paintwork. Along with this, you must be very sure about the time frame of nozzle placement. You should avoid pointing spray over the car for longer time duration.

Buying car pressure washers:

Great news for you!

When you are out in the market to get high-pressure car washer for commercial purpose, trust me you will have endless options. Few of the pressure washer are steam pressure washer, hot and cold-water pressure and many other. For getting more information on car washer pump and other car washing equipment you can directly contact the professionals of Manmachine Works Safely clean your car under the proper guidance of professionals and maintain your car just like new.