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The Annovi Reverberi car washing pump explained!


There are two types of car washing pumps categorised to be in different places. The home/garden pump and the industrial pump. The pressure of the pump, the flow rate, the capability of the same, may vary, as depending upon the place that it needs to be used for. The Annovi Reverberi pump comes all the way from Italy for the Indian use. Indians generally try to use one machine for multiple uses. This pump can also serve the same purpose. The pump has many hidden features which are unknown to many.

How the washer pump helps in various jobs!

  • Domestic Uses: The connect rod feature ensures that the washer pump can be attached to garden hose and used as well. Although, using the right hose pipe to handle the high pressure emerging from the pump should be opted for. The same helps in domestic places as well. The garden, the pavement, the floors, the swilling pool to remove the water slime or algae, around the attic or garage, the mold and fungus in the moist places like pools, jacuzzies, the basements, the under-sink area of the kitchen or bathroom and so on can be cleaned with a high pressure.
  • The automobile industry: The car service stations or repair shops often get greased up and continue to have stains all over their floors, walls, etc. These grease stains, dirt, grime, debris of the tires, all can be washed away on the daily basis with a washer pump. Just turn on the pump and attach the twin lance holder or hose pipe and clear off the dirt.
  • The vehicles: Many people have come home from a long trip or adventurous drives with dirty cars. At times, the paint body can be cleaned with a bucket of water but the tyres and under-body need a high pressure to clear off the mud, the rust, the debris from the road. A high pressure can clean the toughest of mud and dirt. 
  • The Annovi Reverberi pump also uses double-gasket sealing system that prevents any type of leakage. This ingenious technology helps us clean the maximum number of cars using a moderate quantity of water. With this advanced pump, we put an end to the wastage of water.
  • The double lipped oil seals put an end to the leakage of oil when using our car-washers.
    The Annovi Reverberi pump guarantees durable performance as the pump head is made of forged brass which makes it last for years. The performance of our car-washers remains the same despite vigorous use.
  • A good-quality car washing pump offers a tri-mode output. That is, these machines can provide all three types of output: cold water, hot water and steam. However, the steam is the most popular option for detailing, as it readily dissolves tough brake dust, bird splatters and other tough residues stuck to the vehicles.


The car washing pump can be used many places other than washing cars. But as the name car washing has been assigned to the pump, the sole purpose of washing the car, its under-body, the tyres lay upon the pump. 


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Friday, 22 January 2021

The benefits of using a high pressure washer

benefits of a high pressure washer by manmachineworks

A pressure washer is a brilliant invention to make people’s work easy. It is in the nature of a human being to remain busy in some work or the other. To live in the present society, we need to maintain a good many things. Staying clean and tidy is good for the health of your family, and it also adds value to your social status. We spend a lot of effort and time to keep our house and the surroundings clean. We use all the necessary means to clean the floors, be it a wooden one or tiled. Here’s a quick-buck solution that can help clean off the floors and still retain its beauty and not harm it. The high pressure washer is one such machine that can be used to wash down cars, trucks, tractors, floors, walls and so on. 

How the pressure washer helps other sectors!

how pressure washer helps other sectors-manmachineworks
  • Washing your wooden deck with a pressure cleaner can transform it, and get it ready for varnishing, rather than doing it by hand. A pressure cleaner can also transform your garage, or any paving into a much cleaner version of itself within minutes.
  • Removes stubborn stains: With a pressure washer, you can clear away soaked in stains and spillages on nearly all outdoor surfaces like the pathway of the house, the concrete floors of a basement, the entrance of a factory and so on.
  • Gets into those hidden spots: A pressure cleaner can get into the difficult spots like cracks, corners, gutters and overhangs and clean out the most stubborn grease, oil and dirt.
  • Exposes the maintenance issues: When done annually, pressure washing can clear areas where you might need to perform further maintenance. It removes the grime so that you can varnish that deck or seal that garage floor properly.
  • Reduced cleaning chemicals consumption: Grease, oil, resin, etc. can usually be removed with just hot water, so significantly less detergent can be used or detergent can be omitted entirely. In addition to cost savings, this protects the environment and conserves resources.
  • Against dampness: Molds commonly grow in homes and commercial facilities, on walls, ceilings and other surfaces. What to do when molds and even moss is found on the walk-a-ways? Using a high pressure washer is the answer! With the addition of a powerful turbo nozzle, the pressure of water takes out molds and moss, scraping them from the surfaces. This leaves all surfaces perfectly clean, enhancing the overall appearance of the environment.
  • Improved hygiene: A significant reduction in germs can be demonstrated after cleaning with the hot water. For many hygiene requirements, this germ reduction method without sterilizer is completely sufficient.

The high pressure washer can clean out even the toughest of stains whilst not harming the surface used on. The pressure can be controlled and different sets of nozzles and attachments can be attached accordingly. The pressure can go up to 200 bars but the impact pressure can be controlled, depending upon the surface that needs cleaning.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The steam car washer and it’s beneficial benefits

Use steam for various purposes is not a new idea, for years, people use it when they are sick to open up their blocked veins and nostrils. And as steam has always been considered a natural disinfectant, mothers too, have used it to clean the bottles of small babies, so, one can imagine, how safe steam is! On the same lines, the steam car washer uses steam to clean out and disinfect the cars and their various parts.

Steam Car Washer

Steam Cleaning is a ground-breaking system that is changing the entire car wash industry around the world. Many factors have contributed to its rise: high-pressure water sprayers can get moisture in the sensitive automotive electronics, water use restrictions, the banning of harsh chemicals and simply reducing the amount of effort and time required. Steam cleaning is now being used to clean interiors, disinfect air-conditioning/heating vents, degrease engines and even wash entire cars.

The steam car washer produces up to 9 bars of steam in pressure. This pressure is strong enough to clean out the grime, grease, oil and dirt but not so powerful to cause damage to the parts. Steam washing has quickly become a very popular method of cleaning. Many customers get attracted with the word ‘steam wash’ written on the board of the car wash outlet, alone. But why is it so alluring!

Reasons why the steam cleaning is so famous?

Steam Car Washer

The Interiors:

  • Eliminates odours from pet stains, smoking, mold and mildews.
  • Deep clean and freshens the fabrics quickly and easily.
  • Hard to reach areas like dashboards, vents, ashtrays, cup holders, and armrests are done in a matter of minutes.
  • Leaves surfaces practically dry as soon as cleaning is complete.
  • Disinfects the interiors as well.

The Exteriors:

  • Removes all types of dirt from the exterior of the car, without much effort.
  • No toxic residues left on the surfaces.
  • Cleans windows without any streaking.
  • Removes wax, tar and other compounds from chrome, moldings and bumpers.
  • Vinyl tops, wheels, whitewalls are all cleaned easily, quickly and completely.
  • Doesn’t harm the ceramic coating, ppf or any type of coatings of the car.
  • Can be used in the engine, the tyres, the trunk, the underbody and so on.

One would wonder why is the steam washer different and what purpose it solves which the high-pressure washer, the upholstery cleaner and the vacuuming machine combined can not achieve. Here’s why?

  • Removes allergens and bacteria that usually cause irritation and infections.
  • Neutralizes any fumes or chemical reactions from the chemicals or products used.
  • Minimum maintenance afterward.
  • Spot cleaning of the fabric, carpet and upholstery of the interiors of the car.
  • Leaves a disinfected, sanitized and clean environment.

The steam wash machine comes in many variants, electric and diesel models. The steam Poseidon has been used in the cleaning industry, restaurants, catering kitchens and many more places. The steam jet and wax machine are quite famous in the automobile industry. Many service centers have placed orders for them and get their customers to visit again and again.

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The car washer machine has many variants and attachments.

car washer has many variants-manmachineworks

The car washer machines come in many arrangements, makes, sizes, manual and automatic. The use of these is thus decided. These machines come with easy-to-understand manuals and settings. The main motive of investing in such machines is to get the cars washed and cleaned with lesser time than taken manually.These machines clean the toughest of grimy spots and dirt without requiring manual scrubbing. We can clean the cars within a few minutes. As time is money!

Diverse types of Car Washing Machines

types of car washing machines

Steamjet Wash & Wax Machine: As the name suggests, this machine uses steam to wash the vehicle. Many parts of the car cannot be cleaned with a normal water wash, they need a steam cleaning. Like the engine of the car, those leather seats, the upholstery that may be delicate, those plastic parts that might come off if a high-pressure washer is used on them and so on. Let’s just say, that a steam machine cleans thoroughly with steam not water. Many people who treat their car like their child, demand that their entire car be cleaned with a steam washer.

The Wax machine is equally important, as when the steam and wax spraying action is done, most of the dust and dirt just flies away due to the pressure. Any residue stuck to the car’s body or remains of any older products are also washed away by this machine. The pressure is such that the car is cleaned and no harm comes to the body or interiors.

Hot & Cold-Water High-Pressure Cleaners: This machine uses water to clean in a high-pressure speed. Many people argue that the pressure from these machines can ruin the paint of the car or cause a dent to it and so on. This machine enables the user to switch between hot and cold water as per the requirement. Like some grease stains are so stubborn that they cannot be washed with cold water or even after a lot of rubbing. To get those off, the engineer doesn’t have to wait for an hour for a bucket of hot water, he can just switch between the two adjustments and have the work done within half the time. This also saves electricity and water. It works efficiently to get the work done, more adequately. With the easy wheels on the foot enable the usage of the machine to be more effective.

Single-Phase High-Pressure Car Washer: This machine also has the easy wheels on the bottom and can be dragged around for maximum usage. This machine can wash up to 10 cars in a day.

1. Pressure adjustment can be done with ease.

2. Trolley mounted unit along with hose reel, detergent tank, two wheels and handle.

3. 2 litre detergent tank for efficiency.

4. Pencil/Fan jet spray head.

5. Power supply cord length.

6. In built detergent suction along with adjustments.

There are so many other machines that fall under the car washer category. Many high-pressure ones while some are specific to their jobs. All-in-all, the basic feature to get the car washed with ease. One point that we like to make is that investing in these machines also guarantees returned profits.

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The underrated car wash equipment that do wonders!

car wash equipment for wonderful results

Wash your car the proper way by using the right washing methods and the right car wash equipment. A quick-fix car wash and the wrong tools can end up doing more damage than good to your car. Every now and then, you will have your car splattered in mud, dirt, fingerprints, bird droppings, salt and so on. We understand how important it is to keep your prized possession sparkling clean and the effort you have to go through to just to keep it that way from day to day. Whether you are doing research to start your own car washing studio or have a small setup and wish to upgrade your equipment, go ahead and read about the different yet underrated equipment and tools that actually do wonders.

Choose the right car washer tool

choose the right car washer tool

The Microfiber Double Sided Mitt: 2 in 1 dual action washing mitt: High quality microfiber, attract and lift dirt whilst protecting surfaces. Washable when dirty. Ideal for dark cars. Microfiber Doubled Sided Mitt ideal for applying and removing nano technological sealants. Ideal for applying and removing liquid and traditional waxes. Ideal for water less treatments and Quick Detailer. Side with short hair: application and cleaning. Side with long hair: delicate for polishing. It can be used for the care of interiors and delicate surfaces.

Double Bucket System: The Grit Guard 5 Gallon Washing System is a superb cleaning kit that includes a heavy-duty 5 Gallon Grit Guard Wash Bucket with a matching leak-proof Gamma Seal Lid and Grit Guard Insert. This convenient system is ideal for most any car, truck, trailer or boat. The Grit Guard Washing System is designed to prevent swirl marks and scratches while washing your vehicle.

Ultra-Microfiber Drying Towel: Ideal for drying without leaving any marks and without swirls. Great absorption capacity: up to 3.5 times its weight. Great sliding action and effortless handling. Absence of residues, even on windows.

Foam Bottle: Sleek & smooth modern design. Sight window indicates level of soap remaining. Refillable bottle reduces environmental waste. Vented large screw cap for easy refilling. Comes with a QUICK CONNECT for easy attachment. Spray pattern easily adjustable.

Quick Connect System: Without threads that may bind or only partially connect. Automatic locking system facilitates faster access. Suitable for confined areas. Non-drip interface. Minimizes unexpected downtime. Standard with Manmachine pumps.

Rotating Boom: Swivelling adapter with side and top water inlet for easy installation. 360° /180° continuous rotation for the car wash. Insulated high pressure hose. Hose guard with integrated tension release feature. Extremely durable. Improves the maintenance of pumps and pressure hose.

Underbody Lance: A right angle wash that helps clean difficult-to-reach areas. Easily removes mud and debris from the underbody. Underbody wash without gantry/lift. Avoids tyres alignment and balancing problem. Made with high grade stainless steel for long life. Task is done in less than 3 mins.

There is a long list of tools and car wash equipment that can categories for car washing. The same can be used in more than one way and have good durability.

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Do It Yourself car wash shampoo for Indian cars

Does your work end after you purchase a car? Does the stress of keeping it clean keep you up on nights? Or you are a car wash outlet owner and you are not happy with the chemicals you own? Whichever the case is, here is a basic guide to the car wash chemicals that everyone must know. From the car wash shampoo to the car wax, a car washing session requires so much more than the old age bucket and detergent wash. As the times have changed, car detailing is becoming the new car wash. Hence, for every surface and every issue, there are varied chemicals and products available in the market.

car wash shampoo for indian car owners by manmachineworks

A basic guide to the car washing chemicals!

Colour Foam: The Foam is designed to give a strong and different visual impact to the washing session. This washing chemical is a foaming detergent which creates red snowpack on the car and is applied by a pressure washer machine with the suitable lance, or by a foam sprayer. Its advantages are not only the economy of consumption, speed and ease of use but also a new look for the management of the service. The visual impact is remarkable which will attract anyone who sees it, making them get one, too.

The colour foam also has many benefits than just looking good. Such as, it is pH balanced and easy to rinse off, removes hard dirt and watermarks.

Car Wax: Mafra offers the best product known as the ‘super wax’. This product is a long-lasting protective wax which allows a film of water to be broken into beads and then slide over the surface, easily under the drying blowers, saving the energy costs. Super Wax works with water of any hardness, including recycled water and prevents the formation of white streaks on the bodywork and of micro-drops and greasiness. It is indispensable for high-speed car wash. This super wax is an amazing paintwork sealant. Its radiant shine and protection last for a long time. Seals the paintwork and provides a streak-free high gloss. This eco-friendly product is easy to apply and safe to use.

Car wash shampoo: The Shampoo used for car washing is different from the ones used for bathing, as it was developed for perfect external washing of the vehicle with a self-drying effect. Its special combined formulation in a neutral shampoo ensures a delicate wash, for any paint or colour. After rinsing, its self-drying properties leave a water repellent coating on the surface that makes for short drying time and prevents smears. The use of this product with high rinsing allows to reduce the rinsing time and allows a significant saving of water allowing growing respect for the environment. It is pH balanced and effective on hard dirt and contaminants. With a rich foam formula and safe to use on factory paint. It is effective on soft and hard watermarks.


The car wash shampoo and wax are all part of the car washing chemicals. All of these come highly tested and tried and recommended to be used on any Indian car.


Wednesday, 13 January 2021

The cheat sheet to know your steam car washer

So, you have invested in the steam wash machine for your car washing outlet or service station. You may be a car wash business owner or franchisee holder or an automobile dealer looking to stay ahead of the game with the fancy car wash equipment. But it’s important to know your machines as well. The more you learn about the machinery and its mechanics, the better you can anticipate the profit it will bring to you.

car wash machine

During these pandemic covid-19 times, sanitization and decontamination have become our top priority. Many might know that steam works as a natural disinfector. This means that the steam car washer is the most useful machine at this time.

Know your car wash machines and their mechanics

car wash machine

  • Steam cleaning utilizes much of the same tech as a pressure washer but also comprises a heating mechanism. The heating producer heats the water until it becomes gas (steam) before shooting out of the hose. There are two main benefits of using steam cleaning over its liquid matching part: the amazing results and the environmental impact. Heated steam is able to melt away grime off of the cars while remaining safe to use on all the car paint surfaces. Areas that water can’t reach can also be cleaned carefully without the fear of being damaged. Steam can be used on the interiors and exteriors of the car. With no water runoff, the steam is safe for all electronics unified into modern cars; including the center consoles and monitors.
  • Scratch-proof Method: Often with self-care washing or with other professional methods like the automatic car wash, there are chances of the brush or cloth leaving scratch marks or other blemishes on the surface. This risk gets eliminated with a steam car wash as there is no surface contact whatsoever. The steam used is in the gaseous state, will not leave any scratch marks or so. After completing the wash, a mop or cloth can be used to wipe off the surfaces gently.
  • The electric model: There are new and contemporary machines available as well. The electric model of the steam washer can get ready to spurt out steam within 30-40 seconds. The FX1E model can generate pressure up to 9 bars of the steam. This machine uses approx. 6-7 liters of water whereas other local steam-machines consume more than 20 liters of water.
  • The Steam Poseidon: One such steam producing machine named the Steam Poseidon is famous for its personality. The machine has been used in the automotive business and also in the cleaning industry as well. Many in the hospitality industry have also used this model to clean the kitchen, the pantry, and storage area as well. As steam is safe for cleaning and doesn’t cause any hazards for health.

A steam car washer is a machine that is already concurring the cleaning and automotive business. And is setting the good ground for the future as well.

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