Monday, 22 February 2021

The car washing pump for paint booths and service stations

Although the name is assigned to the high pressure washer to wash cars and to be used in a car wash outlet, the car washing pump can be and is successfully been used in many other sectors. The service stations of so many automobile brands have a complete setup of servicing and repairing the car. This usually leads to dirt, grease and oil stains on the floors, walls, the cars and machines as well. Here if a high pressured machine is installed, then after the work is done, a quick wash down can really help.
The car washer machine can actually help save time in other places than a car washing outlet. Many people have used it in their home-sheds, basements, roofs, farmhouses and so on as a residential friendly machine.

Steps to using the Pressure Washer to wash cars!

  • When the vehicle is hot, cool down the surface with cold clear water prior to applying the detergent. When the vehicle is cold the use of warm water increases the efficiency of the detergent.  
  • Apply the detergent to the car: Liquid detergent concentrate should be downstream injected onto the surface. But the pressure washer comes with an attachment option; i.e.: The Foam bottle. By which the foam can be squirted on to the car’s body. Remember to use it Top to bottom. Try to use a pH neutral shampoo for a safe wash.
  • Pressure wash the shampoo off: Keep the nozzle close enough to the surface to clean, but not so close that the pressure could damage anything. Use the fan jet spray or a wide-angle to hose down the shampoo and any contaminants.
  • To reduce mineral spots, wash when conditions allow slow drying, or towel dry.
  • To eliminate mineral spots, use soft water. Never allow detergents to dry of the surface.

Pressure washer machine can remove:

  • Stubborn paint stains on floors, walls, cars and many surfaces.
  • Unwelcomed weeds or fungus on walls, flooring, side beds, wooden decks.
  • Grime, grease and mud stuck on the side of tyres, car’s body, underbody.
  • Rust off the cars, old machines, heavy duty machines.
  • Dried cement on surfaces where it isn’t needed.
  • Slippery oils, soaps, fungus off the decks, pillars, swimming pool, steps.
  • Tar from automobiles’ surfaces, machines, walls, etc.

The car washer machine i.e. the high pressure washer machine can be used in commercial, car wash outlets, residential and at farms as well.

The car washing pump which comes with 3 strong ceramic pistons can withstand to produce pressure at any rate. Even the machine is turned to high pressure and then lowered in case of a change in surface, the machine can adjust accordingly. It is a versatile machine that keeps on coming in new and contemporary models.

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