Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why Use Hot Water at High Pressure Car Washer

High pressure car washer can be hot or cold. The flow rate related to both modes can be same even the pressure and cleaning effectiveness is similar. With both offering almost the same benefits, you must make informed decisions when it comes to choices. High pressure car washer that uses hot water packs energetic, powerful punch and reduces the surface tension of the water adding to its capability to remove grime and grease. Soap, agitation, and the heat are the three components that made this quite effective in every way.

·         Soap: Detergent will break the chemical bond present between surface of the car and the dirt. The grease and oil molecules attached to direct trapping them in binding it to surfaces. The detergent will work as softening agent or the surfactant for emulsifying the grease and oil. Tow the washed water will carry this away.

·         Heat: It gives rise to molecular high-speed action increasing the activity of the cleaning agent it also reduces surface tension of the water for effective penetration to the grime and molecular levels.

·         Agitation: It refers to influence from water pressure and volume that have the surface. It works just as hand scrubbing for dirty dishes in the kitchen.

For cleaning the engine and automotive parts containing grease and oil, hot water is necessary. At automatic car wash, they might use both hot and cold water as needed by the clients. When you use cold water for grime and grease, it will just push it around and will prove to be ineffective. Besides, hot water, use of steam for cleaning is also common. The steam combination feature involves super heating of water to 280°F for creation of saturated steam. The professionals will use this technique in certain applications that require such high temperature cleaning.

Experienced car cleaners understand very well which processes work the best for a specific condition. For this reason, you can depend upon them for making the appropriate choices. They will explain the pros and cons related to the situation and will make selections accordingly.