Thursday, 27 July 2017

Benefits of Touchless Car Washer Equipment

Become environment conscious and protect the car resale value by opting for touch less car washer methods. Available at automatic washes, it is a good way to reduce the pollution of groundwater, preserve the finish and paint of your car, and save water. Ultimately, you will be retraining the vehicle resale value completely. There are different environmental reasons behind the use of touchless car wash equipment. When you undertake the same at home, you will be using about 150 gallons of water. On the other hand, when you are opting for automatic, brushless wash method, it involves the use of only 35 gallons of water.

The detergent and the soap that you use for washing the vehicles, including the grunge coming off from the vehicle’s surface will sink into the ground polluting the local water supply. On the other hand, the professional washing services will reclaim the water they use for washing purposes. They will use the same water following treatment and cleaning for the subsequent washes. Besides that, the whole process is much faster than the time taken at home for washing your car. This is because they use avant-garde car wash equipment that is powerful on the dirt but gentle on the vehicle.
You do not want to put scratches on the paint surface of your car even accidentally. Sadly, this is what is going to happen when you tackle the washing on your own. The things that you use for cleaning such as the brushes and sponges will produce tiny yet ungainly scratches upon the paint. Fine silt, sand, and dirt particles will become trapped inside the sponge or the brush. It is difficult to control over this kind of problems. Thus, when you tackle the wash at home you are ultimately degrading the paint finish.

Studies show that the scratches you produce through use of sponges and brushes during the washes go up to 10% of paint thickness. Instead, when using highpressure car washer for professionals cleaning, it removes the dirt and gives your car showroom like appearance without doing any damage to the paint surfaces.

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