Friday, 21 April 2017

For Effortless Cleaning Select Suitable High Pressure Car Washer

You need the powerful assistance of premium-quality high pressure car washer for quick, effortless and effective car washing.

The mud, pollen, dirt, grimes, chemicals and air pollutants are daily enemies of your car. It may become harder to remove these elements if left unclean for weeks. You need to clean your car at least once a week. The manual car cleaning is an exhausting process. You need to apply soap all over the body and wheels. You need to manually sponge and wash the surface. You also need to clean the tyre-treads and wheel-alloys. You need to wipe the entire surface and external equipment to prevent staining.

The high pressure car washer reduces the duration of this extensive and tiring process by half. You can exclude the soaping and moping from the car-washing process. The innovative features of a car washer will remove dirt particles with gentle force of water without sponging or brushing. This useful car washer cleans your cars effortlessly and efficiently without wasting your time or sweat but you need to select the right technique.

Suitable Car Washer Machines:

Electrical :
You may use electrically operated high-pressure washers to clean your car. These pressure washers are capable of generating 1300 to 1900 pounds per square-inch of pressure.

·         You need the car-washer to be portable. The electrical high-pressure washers have compact features. These devices are made of lightweight materials for excellent portability.

·         You need to choose a pressure washer with flexible high-pressure hose and an extended spray-wand of stainless steel. The pressure through spray guns will lend nominal force on the surface.

·         It is also prudent to choose a device with residual water tank and detergent tank.

Gas Powered Machines :
The medium-sized gas-fuelled pressure washers can generate 2000 to 3100 pounds per square-inch of pressure. You may use these high-pressure washers for efficient cleaning of cars.
·         These pressure washers may have an engine with overhead valve. You need to check the axial pump during purchase. The pumps with aluminum or brass heads can handle higher pressures without any damage.

·         It is also necessary to choose the high-pressure hose with multiple braids or steel braids to avoid water damage.
·         The spray-wands of many gas-fuelled pressure-washers are available with quick-connect couplings.

Suitable Nozzles
The high-pressure washers clean cars with pressurized jets of water. These devices ship with different types of nozzles. You need to select the nozzles carefully to avoid any damage.

Soaping Nozzles
Some nozzles spray water-jets at 65-degree angle. These nozzles create very gentle streams. You may use these nozzles to soap the car. You need soaps or cleaning agents to dissolve the dirt particles.

Washing Nozzles
You may use the nozzles capable of producing water-jets at 40-degree angles to clean your car. The pressure of these water jets is suitable to wash dirt particles and chemicals off the surface. The nozzle with 25-degree spray pattern is suitable for cleaning of tyres and wheel-alloys.

Pivoting Lance with Nozzle

You may use the nozzles of pivoting wand to clean the under-chassis area of your car efficiently.

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