Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Run Successful Car Cleaning Business with Advance Car Wash Equipment

I owe the success of my car-cleaning business to Manmachine Works. Their amazing car wash equipment has turned my business into the talk of the town. My business had a slow start two years ago and Manmachine’s HRC PRO changed the scenario. I was able to clean 20 to 25 cars per day with this high pressure car washer. It uses pressurized jets of hot/cold water. This Car Washer is an amazing gift from Manmachine to the car-cleaning business owners.

My business started running after I bought this machine and I found another efficient device through Manmachine. This device allows me to wax and clean the cars at the same time. Its innovative power-saving and water-saving technology has also reduced my expenses. This machine is called STEAMJET and it will help me expand my business in short time.

Steaming Features of STEAMJET:

The unique features of STEAMJET may turn this machine expensive; it is a prudent investment. This machine saves you from separately cleaning and waxing the cars. You may service numerous cars in a short time and may increase the margin of your profit. I assessed all the facts and this investment seemed worthy for the future growth of my business.

Rust-Proof Body & Efficient Mechanism:

The body of this machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum. These materials are known for their anti-corrosive properties. They enhance the longevity of this cleaning machine. Its aluminum and stainless steel body also keeps me safe from electrocution. This machine even allows me to control the pressure of steam, level of moisture and water-to-wax ratio at one touch.

Negligible Water Consumption:

The machine usually requires only 400 cc of purified water. It even allows me to select the perfect level of water with the turn of a knob. The water takes only a minute to heat. This diesel-fuelled machine can produce pressurized steams within a minute. The pressure of steam may rise higher than eight bars within this period. This steam is mixed with wax internally.

Technical Features :

1. LED Panel
This machine has a wide LED panel on the top. This LED panel keeps me informed about the pressure levels. This panel will even keep me informed regarding any type of system failure.

2. Burner & Pump
The high-quality DC motor pump is capable of driving pressurized jets of steam and wax all day long. This fuel-efficient motor works quietly. This machine houses Kyong Dong burner. This burner is known for its efficient performance and longevity all around the world.

3. Microprocessors
The advance microprocessors of STEAMJET automatically control all the functions of this device. They control steam-pressure, steam-moisture and wax-mixing ratio with optimal efficiency.

4. Steam Wash with Waxing

The STEAMJET has a separate chamber for liquid car wax. The liquid wax mixes with steam internally. I use the trigger-gun to spray this mixture onto the cars. The trigger-gun and extended hose are available with STEAMJET. The high-pressured jets of steam let tiny specs of dust and dirt particles trickle off the cars’ body. No residue of dirt is left on the surface. The droplets of warm wax leave a smooth coating onto the cars’ surface even after wiping.


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