Monday, 6 February 2017

Enjoy Profit through Suitable Automatic Car Washing System or Car Washer

Do you wash the cars manually in your car-cleaning center? Do you think an automatic car washer will bring efficiency into your performance? You are right. It will take you hours to clean one car manually. An automatic car wash system will let you clean numerous cars spotlessly in short time. You will never achieve this flawless quality through manual sponging and wiping. The car washing system availed through Manmachine will keep your customers satisfied. The margin of your profit will increase in direct proportion to the rates of their satisfactions.

You may avail three different types of automatic car washers through this website.
  1. The HRC PRO and HRK PRO devices will clean the cars with pressurized jets of hot water.
  2. The SteamJet device mixes micro-droplets of car-wax with pressurized jets of steam. This machine cleans and waxes cars at single attempt.
  3. The M1, M’START and MNEX22 devices use tunnel-cleaning method to clean the cars.
All of these devices are efficient car washers. You need to select the perfect one based upon your necessities. Some commercial factors will let you come to conclusive decision non-erroneously.
Cleaning Bay Expanse
The size of your cleaning area is the prime factor in your decision. The automatic cleaning devices efficiencies are indisputable. You will need a large compound to these machines up.
The cars will stay on neutral at the starting point of an extended cleaning tunnel. The conveyor belt will drive the car through this tunnel. The vertical and horizontal brushes will also need an extended area to move back and forth freely. Thus, the automatic car cleaners are your ideal choice if you have a large compound.

Amount of Investment
The prices of automatic car washers rise in direct proportion to their features. The price of Steam Jet will be higher than HRC-PRO/HRK-PRO machines. The steam-generating and wax-mixing features are responsible for this hike. The SteamJet also requires only 400 cc of water for one cleaning. Its efficient and resourceful services will cost you something extra.
You will need trained workers to handle the aforementioned machines. You will need no professional for automatic tunnel car washing systems. These machines have self-operating features. These features will push their prices up a few notches. You need to assess your financial strength properly before investing into any car cleaner, be it fully automated or not.
Client’s Demands
You also need to pay attention to the demands of individuals in your locality. The car owners in your locality may demand an interior cleaning along with exterior polishing. The SteamJet will be truly useful in this scenario.
Its pressurized steam will cause no damage to upholsteries or electrical equipment present inside. You may also clean the engine compartment with this machine. The germ-killing properties of steam will also sterilize the car’s interior. Its efficient performance will turn you into a reliable and efficient service provider in short time.

The presence of loyal customers will start your business on a profitable ride. The aforementioned points will let you choose the perfect car washing system for your business.


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