Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Let Automatic Car Wash Equipment of Pressure Washer Noida Bring Efficiency

If you are planning to open a car-cleaning agency, the time-consuming nature of manual cleaning will limit your performance. You will not be able to create a larger clientele on the strength of manual cleaning. The installation of an automatic car washing system will require the presence of a large premise. It will also be an expensive investment for you. The powerful pressure washer Noida will help you wash multiple cars at moderate expense and in a short period of time. You will not require a large premise to use this mobile pressure washer.
You can avail this multipurpose power washer from the website of this reliable organization. You may also avail different types of cleaning materials and automatic cleaning machines from this website. The two multipurpose power washers available on this website are HRC PRO and HRK PRO. These high-pressure car washers come with various useful attachments.

Main Body
The bodies of these power-washers contain a powerful motor and pump. The pump has deep fins for better cooling. It has thick ceramic piston for greater durability, pump heads made of forged brass and double gasket sealing system. The oversized shaft with long-end section provides better torque submission. The oversized ground pistons provide smoother strokes. Its larger water passages are fitted with intake delivery valves.
This powerful pump is contained within a durable and sturdy metallic body. This will prevent the power washer from toppling during cleaning. The operating switches are present on the body of this machine.
The Long Hosepipe
The 10 meter long hosepipe available with these models will let you move around freely during washing. The wide circumference of this hosepipe will let you enjoy unchecked flow of water. This hose is made of high-density plastic. It can endure up to 300 percent of the water-pressure. The reinforced wire-meshing will prevent it from bursting under the pressure of water.
The Water Inlet & Filter
The water inlet connects the washer to the main water supply. The opening of the 100-micron filter works as the water inlet. This filter will prevent any dirt/debris from entering the device of yours. It plays a crucial role in the task of cleaning. The presence of a minute grit may cause significant damage to a car. These particles may come out of the washer at high velocity and may damage the surface of the car with heavy impact.

The Gun System
This cleaning attachment will let you control the flow of water. The water will come out only if you squeeze the trigger. This action will activate a valve present within it. The moment you stop using this cleaning attachment, the pressure washer will stop working. The safety valve present in it will stop the washer from turning on accidentally.
The Lance
The 500 mm long lance will connect the handle of your pressure washer to the nozzle. This nozzle will help you spray the cars with jets of water. The variable-pressure lances available with HRC PRO and HRK PRO will let you control the force of the jet from a focused point to a broad fan. It will facilitate the task of car cleaning.

The aforementioned automatic car wash equipment along with the pressure-washer will help you bring efficiency into your performance. These attachments will add profit to your business and will turn you into a successful entrepreneur.