Thursday, 24 May 2018

Effective Cleaning with Car Pressure Washer

Compared to hand washing car pressure washer makes the cleaning process easier with use of less water compared to the hosepipe. Rinse off grit and grime from top layer. When using machines with jet variable sprays adjust this for spraying 5-8cm approximately. This way it has enough strength to clean your car without damaging the paintwork. Use less powerful and slightly wide setting for lights, windows, and various fragile areas of the car to ensure safe cleaning. If you want, it is possible to apply detergent and for this set the nozzle of the washer to the least powerful and the widest. 

You might as well remove this altogether and coat car surface in detergent layer. For some time, leave it be so that the magic starts to happen but make sure that it does not dry up or there will be blemishes present for buffing out later.  It is possible to loosen even the highly stubborn grease and dirt with the car brush. Just make sure to clean the wheels last after the paintwork or the brush picks grit and small stones from the wheel area to rub this against the paint. It leads to scratching of the surface that you would not want. 

After using the brush, make sure to rinse this thoroughly for removing grit completely. Now it is time to use the pressure car washer using slight strong setting for paint compared to glass areas. In case, variable nozzle is not present for adjusting spray width and power, the easy thing to do would be to stand away from your car. The safe distance is one meter as this helps to prevent damage of any kind. When it comes to effective cleaning of the vehicle you have to find washer having long hose. Ideally, it should be 5m long at least. This way you need not move this around your car. 

Find pressure washer having jet variable nozzle setting so that cleaning different car parts becomes a safe endeavor and no damage occurs. Washer having nozzle attachment allows the users to change directions of spray as needed. For example, it might be possible to angle the nozzle upwards for cleaning wheel arch interiors. Washers having foamier attachable bottle makes this easy to use compared to containers for carrying with you. To get the best results with your pressure washing chores take care of the following: 

·         Tornado or the rotary nozzle might not be a good idea during car cleaning since this proves to be too strong and possibly damages paintwork.

·         When turning on the washer watch the initial water burst as this is quite strong and might catch you unawares. A better idea is to point nozzle towards ground first.

You should pressure wash car on the concrete instead of on a gravel surface, for obvious reasons. This way you can avoid the flying stones hitting paintwork.

·         Use of strong spray upon chipped paint areas is going to strip additional paint away. Remember this point when using car pressure washer.

Directing the strong spray on the old tyres is not a good idea as this might make it to explode causing serious accidents.

Directly pointing spray on panel gaps for an extended time might cause possible leaks. After spraying, you should check the interiors to find any doors with leaking seals.

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