Tuesday, 17 May 2016

High Pressure Car Washers Are the New Cleaning Machine

With technology advancing, every day, a person who is obsessed with cleaning is definitely getting several great options. The recent in line is the high pressure washer technology. Not only, it helps in cleaning the most stubborn stains with efficiency, but this technology is helpful in cleaning almost every place from cars to large buildings and driveways.

The high pressure car washers shoot out jets of water that can take off any type of dirt from the surface of the car. However, the washers need to be used properly or even under the supervision of a professional as a little extra use of these can take off your favourite paint as well.

These washers have become increasingly popular because of its variety in use and they are durable. The high pressure technology is not only being used to clean up cars but also apply paint to its metallic body. The parts of the cars which can be easily cleaned up with a high pressure car washer are the undercarriages and tires. If you are planning on cleaning your car on your own, you need to move the nozzle of the washer evenly throughout the car and don’t keep the washer spraying at the same place as it will damage the paint of your car.

Buying a high pressure car washer
If you are planning to spend money and buy this amazing piece of equipment, then there are certain factors you need to look into and the parts of this high pressure car washer are the first. The handle of the car washer needs to be long enough and it should be extendible. This allows mobility of the cleaner and you can easily reach to every corner of your car. Some washers come with wheels so you can carry them with you to almost all the places.

The cleaner comes with the following parts:

·         The motor of the washer is the one that decides the efficiency of it. It usually runs on either diesel or electric engine. The pressure pump of the washer is driven by these. While the gas powered engines are more flexible and suited for outdoor uses, the electric model is the one that is meant for indoor as it produces almost no exhaust.

·         Jetting gun is used for spraying high pressured water streams at the intended area to be cleaned.

·         High pressure pump has an important role to play as the high pressure pump helps in drawing water from a tank or water supply.

·         Nozzle comes at the end of the jetting gun and is used to discharge the water. Many high pressure car washers have a nozzle that can be varied and the stream of the water can be controlled to clean the car properly without damaging its paint or any other part. Some washers come with nozzles that either gives warm or cold water or there are others that will give you both.

Have you tried the high pressure car washers?

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