Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How High Pressure Car Washer Works?

Cars are no more counted as a luxury in the western countries and while this is yet to become a fact for our country, we are surely seeing more families owning cars these days. Since there are a lot of cars on the streets, there would be obvious needs for car washing companies. While people used to wash their cars themselves earlier, there are better technologies at hand today which can help to clean the cars properly and to perfection.

There are car wash companies that have adopted many ways to clean the cars, the latest being the steam and the pressure water techniques. The steam car washing system is yet to be adopted by every Indian state; the pressure water technique works great for every state. The water pressure by the jets which are used to clean the cars is approximately around 100 to 200 times more than the pressure of the air around us. Well, that is enough pressure to clean anything, be it a car only.

Why the pressure washers are better than the regular ones
One can pick up the regular hose and clean the cars, then why do we need the high pressure washers? The one quality of water is that they have polarity and that helps them to clean out dirt by themselves and do so even better when they are used with detergent. But, there are certain dirt particles that are stubborn by all means and to remove such dirt particles, a high pressure jet of water is enough. Why so? The gush of water coming from these high pressure washers has higher kinetic energy, which washes off any dirt particle from the surface of the car.

             The parts of high pressure washers
            The mechanism of the high pressure car washer is very simple and they just have two main parts, a water pump and an electric motor. The water pump provides the water and the electric motor just accelerates the flow of water to produce the high intensity pressure to wash the car.

            There are other parts which enhance the functionality of the high pressure washer for the car and they are used in complex settings.

·         Water inlet – this is the hose that connects your source of water supply to the pressure washer. There is also a filter in the water inlet which ensures that no large or small debris enters the pressure washer to clog it or hinder the process of cleaning or harming the surface of the car.

·         Electric motor – this is used to accelerate the intensity of the water that comes from the water inlet to produce a high pressure washer for your car.

·         Water pump – this is the main part of your high pressure car washer. It is designed to throw the water on your car surface and clean it from all the dirt and grime.

There are many other attachments that are used like the high pressure hose and the cleaning attachment. A high pressure washer comes in handy for stubborn dirt and grime from the surface of your cars. 


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