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Buy High Quality Steam Jet Car Washer with Wax system

STEAMJET is the product form the last decade and is the only patented technology on the globe that can spray steam and wax simultaneously. It is competent of generating high- pressure steam above 8 bar or pressure within a minute. The Wash & Wax as a single potent action forces out tiniest dust and sand particles off the car with high-pressure steam. The moisture element flows down to pick up the residues off the surface. The wax mixing device sprays warm wax to car surface leaving coating was as wipe off moisture. STEAMJET Wax lasts up to 8 times longer than conventional car wash.

Steam Jet Car Wash Machine

Advantages of Using Steam Jet Car Wash

ü  Saves precious water resources
ü  Generates high-pressure steam using only 400cc (130z) water per minute, generating No waste water, NO sewage!
ü  System consumes less than 200-Watt power and minimum fuel
ü  Just the adequate amount of pressure and moisture
ü  STEAMJET is commercial grade equipment that can run all day non-stop
ü  All stainless steel and rust proof structure.
ü  Fully CPU controlled with 8 different phases of Automatic safety features
ü  28 levels of steam moisture control depending on dirt level
ü  Well- modulated system can diagnose and troubleshoot over the phone

Advantage#1: Saves Resources

Others use a hose, sometimes high-pressured; to clean the car, however, a soapy sponge and hard work is still needed to scrub out the dirt. Some steam car wash machine industries have a tunnel car wash that entails the vehicle to go through a tunnel of moving and cleaning rollers and sprays. Steam car wash can also come with a wax feature.

All these methods may be common, but they are not the most environmental. There is a high level of water usage and the waste is left behind to leak into drains, which could result into clogging. The waste may contain various chemicals, which are used to take certain dirt marks. In connection to this, the rising popularity of ‘green' living and movements has prompted alternatives to be developed. These were made to not only help the environment, but also to find more efficient ways to do things, such as cleaning cars.

Advantage#2: Eco-friendly Car Washing.

Steam jet car wash system cleaning machines are one of those said eco-revolutionary alternatives. Steam cleaners are machines that rely on pressurized steam to clean the interior and exterior of cars. The pressure used can be adjusted and tempered by valves and the output of the water. Different valves, depending on the machine, can also adjust the temperature. With this, there is less water use. The water waste problem is also eliminated through the use of steam cleaners. They also do not need to use any chemicals or environmentally harmful cleaning agent.

Advantage#3: Sanitized Car Washing

Some steam car cleaning machines come with jets. These jets shoot hot steam with a powerful force. This is feature allows the steam cleaner to sanitize the outside of a vehicle as well as the inside. This means that mold, mildew, and other bacteria are blasted away. It also deodorizes the interior of the car. This shows the versatility of steam cleaners. Because they can be used on a variety of surfaces that are found in and outside the automobile, this gives an advantage of using just one steam cleaner for the entire car cleaning.  A rag or used cloth is an additional item you will need to wipe out the vapor.


Steam cleaning machines also have disadvantages. One of which is that it is unable to take care of long carpets and upholsteries.

Steam jet car washer are only able to clean smaller spots of dirt with cloth and other types of fabric. The edges are the areas that steam cleaners are able to take care of. 

The high temperature output is also a danger. You will have to know how to temper the heat, especially for soft surfaces. You also have to be very cautious. You can also risk burning yourself or others if you are not careful. It is a good thing that cordless pressure machines have been developed to minimize this problem. 

Just remember that too much heat and very high pressure can damage the paint finish as well as delicate fibers wood, etc. Consult professionals to ensure that you, your car, and those around you are kept safe and uninjured.

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